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Easy multilingual automatic captioning, your way.

Are you tired of having no control over your captioning needs? Meet GoVoBo, the user-friendly automatic captioning and translation application that puts you in charge. Built from scratch by the deaf and hard of hearing communities, GoVoBo delivers accessible, equitable communications for all.

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Why GoVoBo?

GoVoBo sets itself apart from our competitors through its relentless deaf and hard of hearing community focus.  GoVoBo’s design and features are all based on the lived experience of both the deaf core team and the communities. We listened to what people like and do not like in their experiences with automatic captioning. The result is an experience unmatched by any other.

Easy to Use

With just one click, you get captions for whatever audio comes through your computer in the language of your choice - no matter what application the sound comes from, ranging from videoconferencing to podcasts, webinars, and much more.

Compatible with Any Audio Setup

GoVoBo works with all assistive listening devices, headphones, direct Bluetooth streaming and speakers. It can also be completely quiet, without any audio output if you prefer.

Flexible Positioning

With GoVoBo you can move the captions anywhere on the screen, or overlay them on the application of your choice, and adjust font sizes and colors on the fly. No more captions hiding important content.

Shareable Captions

Do you need to share captions with an entire group of users? No need for everyone to have their own GoVoBo license. GoVoBo offers link sharing of captions for anyone with a web browser.

Advanced Automatic Speech Recognition

The GoVoBo platform utilizes the latest advancement in AI-enabled speech recognition technologies trained on multi-domain content to deliver the highest accuracy for live transcriptions across a large variety of acoustic environments.

Multilingual Transcriptions and Translations

The GoVoBo platform transcribes same-language captions from over 40+ source languages into 60+ target languages through its multilingual speech recognition and machine translation technologies.

Powered by AppTek

GoVoBo is powered by AppTek, an award-winning global leader in AI-enabled speech and language technologies, with state-of-the-art accuracy for automatic transcriptions and translations.

Built for and by deaf and hard of hearing users

“As members of deaf and hard of hearing communities with first-hand experience, we take their needs very seriously. Our focus is to bring innovative communication solutions for everyone under the deaf and hard of hearing lens.”

Dr Patrick Boudreault

Picture of Patrick Bourdreaux
Picture of Christian Vogler

"Accessible communication for all is part of our DNA.”

Dr Christian Vogler

  • Captioned FaceTime calls with a business partner, a friend or a loved one
  • Multilingual videoconference calls with partners across the globe, displaying automatically translated captions
  • Educational content and webinars with captions, no matter what platform is used for delivery of content
  • Live social media streams captioned in the language of your choice
  • Podcasts captioned as you listen
  • Mixed deaf/hard of hearing/hearing group calls with captions for every speaker, including people in the same room
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